Club Bounty – Best Club in the World

Bali is probably the craziest place on earth. Maybe because drugs are easily available to everyone and there is not that many police around. Clubs are nuts. Club Bounty is probably the craziest club in the world. Last night was the best night in my life. I never partied this much. I have never seen this many crazy people in one place.

Club Bounty Bali1 Club Bounty – Best Club in the World

Crazy Japanese

Two days ago Alex, Mike, Naomi, Grace and I went there half drunk. Mistake. We walked inside to see everyone totally fucked up, but most of them were not acting as drunk people do. They were on some drugs. The most popular drug here are mushrooms. People love them. I think 90% of the club was on mushrooms. People were hallucinating. There was a Japanese guy doing push-ups inside the club and lifted the skirt of his girlfriend to show me her ass. Nice ass. I am sure he would not be doing it if he was just drunk. There was another guy thinking he was boxing and another guy was running in circles throwing his shirt in the air. Have no idea what he was thinking. Many of them were just in the club physically, mentally they were probably far from Indonesia. Although we were drunk, we got immediately sober after seeing all of this. We decided to leave since there was no point of staying and looking at crazy people around. Last night we decided to visit it again but this time we wanted to get so fucking hammered. Also, some of us decided to do mushrooms.

Club Bounty Bali3 Club Bounty – Best Club in the World

Who is shaking her cage?

Started a night in a bar where we had a bunch of whiskey-coke buckets. Right before we wanted to leave the bar there was a huge fight between English and Germans. Germany was playing a friendly game against some random team and all English bought jerseys of that team and started provoking Germans. A big fight exploded.

Later on some of us did mushrooms. I haven’t done it, I am just into heavy drinking. Again went to a Club Bounty which is really made for drugged people. All the lights and the wall colors inside would make a sober person to hallucinate. Can’t imagine what happens to mushroomed people. One of my friends started pressing the wall and somehow I convinced him to stop. Afterwards he started dancing in a big cage and at the end began throwing up. He had too many mushrooms. I was dancing on the stage without my flip-flops since it’s easier to move around but at the end of the night my feet looked like I was walking through lava.

Club Bounty Bali2 Club Bounty – Best Club in the World

Grandpa had fun

Guys are not a problem in this club, girls are a bigger problem. God help you if you start dancing with a girl. I am not sure if girls do mushrooms or caulis but most of them are so horny and if they grab you they literally start raping you on the stage. You can’t escape. It’s a fun being a part of this for ten minutes, afterwards you just want to run away. However, if girls can’t find a victim for dancing, they just rub themselves of the pole. Luckily, there was one sixty years old guy enjoying girls trying to rape him and he was surrounded by them. I know it’s crazy to hear girls doing cialis but I have no idea what besides that would make them this crazy.

Club Bounty Bali4 Club Bounty – Best Club in the World

My feet after we returned from the club

We stayed there till the end and went to eat McDonald’s. It’s the best thing to do after heavy drinking.

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Bali 18+

Bali, Indonesia. Paradise on Earth. Beautiful beaches everywhere. Hot bitches everywhere. Mike, Alejandro and I arrived here three days ago and yesterday we met up with Naomi and Grace, English girls I traveled with throughout Philippines.

Bali Kuta Beach 1 Bali 18+

Pretending to know how to surf

I am still blind. I really think Grace likes me but I am still not interested in her, although she is a nice and cute girl. I am still only interested in Asian chicks. Well….we are in Indonesia, I should be chasing Indonesian girls instead of English. When I go to England I am going to chase English babes. You know what I mean. That’s why maybe Grace kissed Alex last night we went out. To make me jealous. I wasn’t jealous. I already made a plan to travel with Grace in India and hope to get her there. I think she is an amazing girl. If she lived closer to me I would love to even date her. Hope you don’t get made Grace for writing so much about you.

Bali Kuta Beach 2 Bali 18+

Alex and I fucked up

Today we went surfing on Kuta Beach. The most famous beach in Bali for surfing. It’s not that beautiful, but has good waves. After surfing we got tired and took a nap on the sun. idiots! We got sunburn. After we woke up Alex and I started talking to some Indonesian girls. One of the, a small cute with dark tan girl, got really interested in me but the problem was she doesn’t speak good English. Other girl helped by translating things but the problem arose when I was supposed to meet up with her later tonight.

Somehow we met up after chasing each other on the street for half an hour. I even gave my cell phone to one Indonesian to talk to her and to explain her where I was. Luckily she brought a dictionary and we translated everything. We sat on the beach, started some conversation which was interrupted every second by dictionary pages flipping. I was getting tired of it. I just started making out with her. I was hoping to score again with an Indonesian girl.

Bali Kuta Beach 3 Bali 18+

Sexy Indonesian

After kissing her for a few minutes started touching her tits. She didn’t complain. She was actually happy I was doing it. Later on, she began giving me a handjob and a blowjob on the beach. Heyyy, blowjob on Kuta Beach! It’s a big deal, it’s one of the most famous beaches in the world. Now I was not tired anymore. She wasn’t using her hands for dictionary anymore and her mouth for talking. The only problem now were Indonesian perverts who were hiding behind trees and were looking at us. She did mind them more than me, no one knows me here and I don’t care about anything. I could walk naked on the street, really would not bother me.

We decided to continue our night in a motel. I got four hours room for us. This sex was embarrassed for me. I came after five minutes. She was making me horny all night, I couldn’t but not to cum that fast. She was shocked, started complaining. “I cannot believe you cum this fast, I thought you were stronger…blablabla.” Second sex again lasted only five minutes. Amazing. This never happened to me before. Usually second time I can go for hours, but not this time. There was something about her driving me crazy. She is really good in bed. She has something inside her making me cum this fast. I can’t explain it. I think it’s her face. It’s a type of face you just want to cum on when you see it.

Bali Kuta Beach 4 Bali 18+

I should marry Indonesian girl

She continued complaining even more and started asking what’s wrong with me. I was getting tired of this, as we were again using again a dictionary. I wrote “My wife is coming tomorrow.” She started panicking. Asian girls are crazy. They would kill for her husband. Cheating is not acceptable and many times I read about wife killing lover or wife cutting a dick of her unfaithful husband. I guess my Indonesian lady though she might die and ran away. Perfect. I got dressed up and left a motel as well.

Bali Kuta Beach 5 Bali 18+

More yelow fever!!!

I don’t have a wife but I would love to find a wife who would kill my lover if I was unfaithful. European wives just care about taking your money if you cheat on them. However, I rather have a wife taking my money instead of cutting my dick off.

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Jakarta Bang 18+

Do you want to be famous? Come to Jakarta, Indonesia. Indonesians will chase you to give them interview for the school, to take photos with you, even sometimes they ask for the autograph. They act like they never saw a westerner before. I was surrounded by fifteen to twenty Indonesians trying to know as much as possible about me. I felt famous and liked it for ten minutes, after I felt so tired about everything and ran away. I feel bad for famous people dealing with this shit every day.

Jakarta nightlife photos 1 Jakarta Bang 18+

Our Fans

I flew to Jakarta from Manila and met here with Alejandro, my Argentinean mate I traveled through Laos. He came here two days before me and met Michael, crazy English dude. While exploring Jakarta, three of us met another English dude whose brother is an owner of the most popular Indonesian nightlife website. He gave us free passes for one of the best clubs in Jakarta and told us to go there last night because it’s going to be packed with super-hot models from Jakarta. Of course we went!

We arrived at Dragonfly last night around 10pm to see red carpet and every girl dressed like a princess. Many Ferraris and Lambos were parcked outside, probably more than I have seen in Miami. This place looked more like MTV Movie Awards than just a club. We walked inside the club and ordered a few drinks. We were shocked with the prices. And with the girls. I am sure it would be cheaper ordering a bottle of champagne in the restaurant on top of Eiffel Tower than having three cheap drinks here. Each Juice-Vodka was $15. The worst part about everything, everyone else was ordering drinks like it was free. What a fuck do they do in their life when they can afford buying many drinks??? I am sure they are not just models, they are probably prostitutes also.

Jakarta nightlife photos 5 Jakarta Bang 18+

Mike’s super-hot babe on the left

About the girls. They were unrealistic. I have been to many places but I haven’t seen this many beautiful girls on one place. They were all Asians, but not Asians I have seen so far. Most of them were around 5’8’’ (170cm), high heels, long dress, smoking hot body. Too tall and too pretty for Asians. I would marry any of them even without thinking. Any! I would not even ask to choose. I would take anything you give me. The only problem with the club, it was not fun at all. They were all beautiful but all of them came here just to be seen. No one was dancing, everyone was just walking around and posing. Many photographs came as well trying to find a perfect girl for a new edition of many famous magazines. Maybe that’s why the atmosphere was intense.

Jakarta nightlife photos 3 Jakarta Bang 18+

Hot Ass

In the beginning I didn’t even try to talk to any girl but I noticed girls looking at us. In Asia, you could be the ugliest European, but you would still get them. It was my opportunity to get one of them, although I don’t even think Brad Pitt or David Beckham deserve this kind of beauty next to them. Mike was the first one to act. He probably chose the most beautiful girl of all of them, if there was such a thing. They were all top beautiful. I thought he was losing his time with her. There is no way he will get anything. However, he started talking to her and she seemed interested in him. Fuck it, I am going to taste my luck as well. Alejandro and I started talking to some other models but without luck. We tried with two more but nothing. What was wrong??? I was losing my patience. Mike was still talking to the same girl and Alex and I were desperate. He came to us telling us it’s not enough to be handsome here, you have to lie as well. Lie? You can’t just tell them you are a backpacker; you have to be someone here. He told her his father is a famous Hollywood film director and he could help her become an actress. This is insane.

Jakarta nightlife photos 2 Jakarta Bang 18+

Just trying

Alex and I tried again. This time I was a soccer player from Europe. Boom! The first girl was mine! She was not as hot as Mike’s girl, but she was a perfect opportunity for the first Indonesian girl experience. I told her many lies and I tried bringing her back to a hotel. Alex wasn’t lucky as me, he didn’t want to lie that much.

She came back with me but I didn’t want to bring her back to our hostel. If she saw where we were staying, I am sure she would run away. I wanted to show her I “had” money. I brought her back to probably one of the most expensive hotels in Jakarta. I paid $200 for the cheapest hotel room! Sex was ok, but not worth $200. She wasn’t any different than other Asian babes I had before. Still it was my first Indonesian girl, so I should not complain this much.

Jakarta nightlife photos 6 Jakarta Bang 18+

Alex and I trying with another girl without luck

Meanwhile, Mike’s girl didn’t want to go back with him and Alex didn’t get any girl so guys went back to a hostel. Outside of the hostel they met a girl who was horny and wanted to have threesome with them. Just great! Can’t believe I missed this! They brought her back to our $5 room, while I was paying $200 for a room. Both of them banged her. She was really into Alex who is very hairy guy. He’s got hair all over his chest. It turned her on even more, she was grabbing his hairy chest during the sex.

I am never going to leave these guys alone again, it’s better to stay with them.

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